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My 5 most listened to albums this year and why they should be listened to!

Music is always scrutinized and will always come under argument of what is right and wrong, i implore any readers out there to message back with their 5 top albums and why it makes you feel the way it does  when you listen to them. This is not a place for arguments, it is a blog of celebration and there is no right or wrong to this, if anything, tell me/us why you love these albums and why we should listen, enthusiasm is infectious.

I have listed a favorite song with each album to give you a taster towards each album, please feel free to use the beautiful service of Youtube to listen and enjoy!

My top 5 starts with an album a grew up with which reminds me of my dad and not being embarrassed about what i listen to.


Alice Cooper – Posion


(Album first released in 1989, Trash was Alice Coopers 18th Album.)

The whole Album is packed full of songs which are hugely theatrical and starting the album off with his most successful song “Poison” hits home, rock  for me. The huge choruses and this lead guitar which intertwines with the vocals makes you want to jump on your bed and rock out.

Some albums are made for the soul purpose of in car listening, washing the dishes listening, reading a book listening, group listening with immersed discussions whilst doing so and concentrated listening in your room alone in the gloom. This album is one of the few of which i have done every one of these to from year 6 unto University.

You may scratch your head and ask, “What the fuck”? I included this album as it is a gem i dug out which i have listened to allot this year, but also it is a fond memory.

Favorite song: Poison


Sigur Ros – Valtari


(Released May 2012 on parlophone)

Valtari was “the” album which got me into ambient atmospheric craziness with these incredible buildups within  Varuo which have stuck like super glue to my mind when i am sitting at University being asked about creating music for a film or trailer. Now the question you may be asking and i find asking myself, does it matter that i cannot understand a word he is spilling……, not to me, within every song i hear new things each time and having this album on a good sound system is mind blowing. I am not going to say who this band sounds like because they sound like Sigur Ros, I feel that trying to identify bands by giving examples of other bands would defeat any of this, I want you to listen to these top 5!

Favorite song: Varuo


Letlive – The Blackest Beautiful


(released 2013 on Epitaph records.)

I started listening to this band in 2012 and felt strongly that this band was going to burst onto the music scene with an album which would really push them, this album showed a band which wasn’t just throwing lyrics left right and center with meaningless lyrics,. It is well worth a listen even if you do not believe the lyrics, you may admire the lyrical twists and turns within the music and some of the hooks.

This band needs to be taken with a pinch of salt if you are not used to listening to heavier music and expressive shouting then you may not enjoy this so much as me, but if you can take the shouting and aggressiveness for a few listens, then this album will grow on you like wildfire.

Favorite song: White Americas Beautiful Black Market.


Young Guns – All Our Kings Are Dead


(released July 2010.)

This album i enjoyed not because i was over whelmed by the lyrics or the music prowess which so many band follow, but what i acknowledged fully was their ability within this album to create songs which were so addictive to listen to that i would listen to some songs 3 or 4 times over before listening to the next, stop and repeat that process. I am surprised i didn’t wear out the first copy i bought for my car.

So if you are somebody who enjoys listening to music which isn’t Bob Dylans status of depth and poetry riddled with beautiful meanings and isn’t so intrinsic as Sigur Ros, then this album may hit the mark with big choruses, moody verses and parts which will have you shouting the lyrics in unison.

Favorite song:  Weight of the World.


Deaf Havana – Fools and Worthless Liars


(released 2011.) 

This has been my car companion on my many journeys in the car, this melodic walking paced album soothes any stress i have had in the day and helps me forget and shrug off any niggling annoyances.

Throughout the album you will be tapping your foot and pretending you are the vocalist in and out of songs whilst people in other cars watch you sing your heart out and pretend you are  Jon Bon Jovi.

Favorite song:  Fifty Four

If you have read this, i would be most honored with a reply as to your top 5 albums this year as the year comes to a close, You are not obligated to write loads or even anything apart from the list, but you are welcome to.

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